• Kangton engineered birch flooring with good wood floor prices

Kangton engineered birch flooring with good wood floor prices

Item: KTH1505

Type: Engineered Wood Flooring

Length: 1900mm

Width: 190mm

Surface: Brush

Joint: T&G

Wood Venner: Birch Wood


Grade:ABCD Mixed

Engineered wood flooring is real wood flooring,but is more stable than solid wood flooring.

Engineered wood flooring is less susceptible to shrinking and expanding with changes in temperatures and humidity while the multiple wood layers in engineered hardwood make it very durable.


Product Detail

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Name Engineered Wood Flooring
Length 1200mm-1900mm
Width 90mm-190mm
Thinkness 9mm-20mm
Wood Venner 0.6mm-6mm
Joint T&G
Certificate CE,SGS,Floorscore,Greenguard

Product Description

Engineered hardwood typically lasts between 20 and 30 years. Because they do have a top layer of hardwood, like solid hardwood, they are susceptible to scratches. If scratch resistance is important to you, look for engineered hardwood floors with a scratch-resistant top coat. Small scratches on engineered hardwood can be repaired a wax repair kit or a cotton cloth and some rubbing alcohol.

While engineered hardwood may look similar to laminate flooring, they are not the same. Engineered hardwood contains a top layer of solid wood, while laminate flooring has a photographic layer coated with a wear-layer that appears to look like a wood surface. In addition, laminate flooring is usually thinner than engineered hardwood.



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