• Luxury Solid Oak UV lacquered Finishing Pivot Interior Wooden Door
  • Luxury Solid Oak UV lacquered Finishing Pivot Interior Wooden Door

Luxury Solid Oak UV lacquered Finishing Pivot Interior Wooden Door

Item: KDPD005

Height: 78″ , 80″ , 82″ , 84″ , 86″ , 96″

Width: 24″ , 26″ , 28″ , 30″ , 34″ , 36″

Thickness: 35mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm

Natural wood will inspire extra value to your home. Wooden door is such kind of door with natural wood veneer and solid wood infilling to provide you the real wood feeling and effect.We offer you a wide range of wood species to match your decorative idea. It’s the best selection for high end projects, hotel, fire rated door, exterior and interior door.


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Height 1.8 ~ 3 meter
Width 45 ~ 120 cm
Thickness 35 ~ 60 mm
Panel Solid oak wood timber and rubberwood
Solid Wood Edge 5-10mm Solid wood edge
Surace Finishing UV lacquer, Sanding, Raw unfinishing
Swing Swing , sliding , pivot
Style Flat, flush with groove
Packing carton box , wood pallet






1 carton box
2 packed in pallet
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We define the notion of elegant entrance. We create doors, from the world’s leading materials, and get inspired by designs and colors you have never imagined. Whether it is outdoors or interior, we design handmade doors that stand out. Security, great aesthetics, personalized design at the most affordable .

What is the difference between hinged and pivot shower door?

The difference between this and a regular side hinge door is that the pivot hinge is secured top to bottom, which allows the door to spin while remaining in place. Pivot doors are functional because they can accommodate corner showers and are available in sizes from 36 to 48 inches, making them extremely versatile.

How do you fix a pivot door?

The Pivot Doors rotate on a Pivot hinge that has a set of pins mounted on the top and bottom of the door. The hinge is offset from the door frame. The technology and design of a Pivot hinge allow for large doors that generally cannot be supported by traditional hinges. Pivot hinges are ideal for doors that are at least 42” wide. Outside of practicality, the door with its imaginative Pivot hinge system has a contemporary and seamless look. We recommend this kind of door for anyone looking for a modern, contemporary and transitional aesthetic.

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